Lash Perfect eyelashes make your natural lashes look longer and thicker by adding a synthetic donor lash to your natural lash. Lash Perfect eyelashes are semi-permanent lashes that can easily last 2-3 weeks or over a month with regular maintenance recommend having them re-touched every 10-14 days.
When applied correctly lash Perfect eyelashes are very comfortable to wear and do not damage your natural eyelash. They look and feel so natural they are perfect for weddings and special occasions but are also great for day to day wear. The service lasts around 2 hours and can be very relaxing.
Eye lashes shed normally and you will lose your Lash Perfect lashes when your natural lashes fall out in their regular cycle. If you would like the lashes removed instead of waiting for them to fall out with your natural lash, please contact me; it is a quick, easy and comfortable removal

Full set of lashes - £80 (approx.2 hours)
Half set of lashes - £45 (approx. 1.5 hours)
Infill - from £30 for 45 minutes
Removal, incl. relaxing face cleanse - from £20

I will give you a leaflet with all the relevant information on aftercare for your lashes to help maintain them and keep them lasting longer.